3D Fun Foam Activity Kit
3D Fun Foam Activity Kit

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The dala 3D Fun Foam Activity kit teaches you how to transform foamalite geometric and character shapes into works of layered art. 

Make some of the creatures recommended on the pack, or create your own character designs all with the amazing Fun Foam.




6 x styrofoam animal shapes

6 x styrofoam basic shapes

12 x bags of Teddy Fun Foam

12 x pairs of googley eyes

1 x glue pen

This 3D Fun Foam Modelling Kit comes complete with full instructions and creature creation suggestions.

Simply "charge" the Fun Foam colours and use as is, or combine them to create your own custom colours.

Start by pushing and spreading the Fun Foam colours onto the foamalite shapes to create a base colour coat to embellish upon.

Then layer details and accents onto the creatures to make them your own.

The possibilities are endless, so use your imagination and create textured, 3 dimensional chracters that you can keep!


Please note: Do not get your 3D Fun Foam creatures wet.

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