Air Drying Clay - White
Air Drying Clay - White

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Natural sculpting and modelling material that air dries to a rock hard finish. Great for art projects and craft applications.

No baking or firing required

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Knead the clay in your hands until it is malleable and then shape the clay into a desired form (flat or 3D). It is recommended that you have a small bowl of water with you while working with the clay, so that you may seal any cracks that appear and seamlessly cover any joins.

Clay that is a bit too stiff can be softened with the addition of water. if too much water is present in the clay, allow excess to evaporate.

Make impressions of chicken wire, rubber stamps, moulded items OR decorate the clay with beads, stones, googley eyes and more by pressing them into the wet clay.

Place on a smooth, non-porous surface to dry for upto 24 hours (depending on thickness and application) in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Once dry you can paint the figure with Dala craft paint and seal it with Dala Deco Varnish.


Store clay in airtight container when not in use to prevent drying out.


*Clean up with warm water

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