Neon Fun Foam
Neon Fun Foam

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Paint and sculpt with the amazing Teddy Fun Foam! This unusual modelling material is non-toxic, super lightweight, self - hardening and can be applied to most surfaces and is available in these bright neon colours!




Available in:

60g Neon tub of 4 colours

4 x 25g Neon Sleeve kit

Teddy Neon Fun Foam is a lightweight, air drying clay.

It is a combination of coloured adhesive and styrofoam beads.

It needs to be charged before being ready to work with - which you can do by kneading and mixing the Fun foam in your hands.

If the Fun Foam seems a little dried out - wet your hands and knead until malleable and clay-like.

Apply to canvases and models as a 3D colour medium or sculpt with Fun Foam. and foem all sorts of interesting objects.


*Clean up using warm soapy water

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